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Build your Financial Plan and Reach Your Goals

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Are You Feeling Like You Want to Get in Control of your Money but don't know where to Start?    

Do You Want to Know if you Are on the Right Track with Your Money Goals?    

  Do You Want to Finally Feel Confident about your Financial Future then I have Got You Covered!

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This course unlocks the mystery of financial planning according to your money goals.

WITH all the videos and easy to follow training you could possibly need.

Finally,  a step by step course to walk you through the understanding of money goals, debt, and risk (and a whole lot more)  - without putting you to sleep or wasting your TIME.

Debra Ohstrom

Debra Ohstrom, CFA has worked in the financial industry for over 27 years at firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Citi Private Bank. She has had a variety of roles around investing and building client portfolios to help them achieve their goals.  She has earned an MBA in Finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and now wants to bring her expertise directly to you in a clear and understandable way so you can build a money plan and have the confidence to start taking action to have your money growing for you. 

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“I wish I had this information sooner! Debra makes it easy to understand for people who don’t know the language of finance and even makes me laugh!"
                                                                       Jacqui C.  34 yrs old

What You will Learn
    Let's Talk Modules

Phase 1 -  Build Your Core

This is the first module to start the foundation on the topics we will cover and how emotions and values impact our money decisions.  

Also, How to look at your finances like a CEO and that debt can be used as a tool.  

Most importantly, we will go over the big difference between saving and investing.   

Phase 2 - Making A PLAN

This phase is all about setting the goals that are right for you and all the areas you need to think about to have your bases covered.  

Whether its savings, or insurance or investing its important to understand how all situations are different and your needs will change over your lifetime.  

  All of this information is in easy to understand terms so you can get started right away. 

Phase 3 - Build Your Financial Strength

This is where we learn some investing basics and why it is so important now to get started.

And how different types of investment accounts are needed for different situations.

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